It’s a bit shocking to go from Florida-cold to Illinois-cold. Florida-cold meant wearing a sweatshirt and carrying a poncho while we visited Universal Studios’ theme parks. Illinois-cold meant that we had to pull over to the side of the road twice on the way home last night, because the windshield wiper fluid squirter holes were iced shut, and the salt/snow grime kept flying into the windshield and causing it to become useless.

Another interesting byproduct of the coldness up here is that this morning, I accumulated some more of that salt/snow grime on the windshield. My squirters were working now (they actually started working about 3/4 of the way home thanks to engine heat finally melting the iced portion), but after I squirted and the wipers did their thing, a thin film of water was left on the windshield. It was thin enough to immediately freeze, and it was uniquely beautiful…like watching something you see on the Discovery Channel, where they’ve taken stop motion photography and sped it up.

(For those who might worry, the frozen sheet didn’t impair my driving vision, because I was at a stoplight at the time, and by the time the light went green, the furious force of my heater turned to max on the windshield had melted it…plus, it was primarily on the passenger side.)

I have a 1000+ backlog of e-mails at work. I truly don’t have time to be writing this, but the memory of the freezing ice sheet keeps popping up, and thus, I felt a compelling need to share it.