Morning in Panama

We went to the Miraflores Locks for dinner last night. It was very cool to watch the ships go through the locks. I won twenty bucks by betting someone that the reason the canal exists is *not* because the oceans are at two different heights, desipte the months so-and-so spent on it in geology class. I spent $8 on a guidebook to win the bet. Profit: $12. Go me!

I slept in this morning, accitentionally (tm JC). It was good. Today is relatively light. We have more seminars in the morning (which I need to go to here in a sec) and then team meetings, which should be short and allow for a few hours of relaxation before the big awards dinner tonight. I’m fancying up for the awards dinner. The invite said that some would go ultra formal and some would not, and that it was up to us…I’m opting for formal, because it’s not that often that I get to be formal, and frankly, I don’t give a damn if I’m overdressed.

Gotta run. 🙂 For my sweetie, because I don’t have time to log into e-mail to mail him separately: I love you!! 🙂