In Panama!

As predicted, I slept through the flight from ORD to IAH. I dozed a little during the flight from IAH to PTY. I had brought our mini DVD player as a secondary entertainment system, since I knew my laptop battery would only last around 4 hours, but it managed to turn itself on while in my bag, so the battery was dead by the time I went to use it…at least, I’m assuming that’s what is going on. The flight to PTY was otherwise uneventful…well, correction…it was a bit bumpy. It was full of work people, too. But other than that, nothing special. I watched almost the entire first disc of the How I Met Your Mother Season 1 DVD set before the laptop battery died.

My throat hurts. Scott & I both started getting sick this week. I stupidly didn’t bring any meds with me, so I’m suffering a bit right now. In a bit, I’ll go find a sundries shop here in the hotel and see what overpriced drugs I can get here. I’ve already bought a can of diet coke for $2.50. Ouch.

After checking in, I ascertained that I had nowhere to be until 7pm local time (currently 5:56pm local time) and after getting my bearings, I changed into a swimsuit and did some laps in the beachfront pool. It was lovely. All the rooms and basically everything faces the Pacific. I can see the long line of boats waiting to go into the canal. On the way here, we crossed the Americas Bridge that goes over the canal. We also drove through downtown Panama City. I got to see the Jewish district of Panama City. Our tour guide, without a hint of joke, pointed it out as being where “all the Jewish people live, mostly banking industry, but they help the economy so it’s okay.” It was pretty amusing. Oh, and btw, the Jewish area is right across the street from the casino. Hmmm… 🙂

So, now I’m availing myself of the free wireless internet in the lobby to update y’all on my Panamania. 🙂 My manager came over a little bit ago…he just got in maybe an hour or so after I did. That’s really all the news I have at this point. I’ve taken quite a few pictures, but I intentionally didn’t bring my card reader with me, so I won’t be able to upload them until I get home.