I have a Mac!

I started playing around with my new-to-me powerbook today. It’s running Panther, for those that are curious. So far, I like it, but I need to grab a power cable and an AirPort card for it. I’m assuming/hoping that Best Buy will have those things.

It has a 400 Mhz PowerPC G3 processor and 192 MB of RAM. So far, I’ve just basically started it up, played with the settings, and quickly played a DVD to make sure the drive was working. The rest will have to wait until I’ve bought the thingies mentioned above. šŸ™‚

It’s a good thing that I’ve done this, too…because I’m not sure how much longer Chip (my current laptop) is going to last. I’m getting a registry corruption that I can reproduce by shutting it down while on battery power (or just letting the battery run out), letting it sit for awhile, and then starting it back up. Basically, unless it’s plugged in when it shuts down, it corrupts the registry, and I have to restore from a backup the next time I start up. Once I’ve got Granny (the Mac) running smooth, I’m going to wipe Chip’s drive and re-install. If it’s a SW-based issue, that should fix it…if not, it may have gradually degraded the innards from back when it got doused in juice. If it is HW, I think it’s likely the RAM. The HD seems good, and the nature of the error makes me think that as the RAM is getting copied back to the drive during shutdown, it’s getting interrupted by a loss of power. That could be a short or a bad connector. I know it’s not the battery, because I’ve had the same problem even when I switch out and use my work computer battery (I intentionally bought the “personal” version of my work laptop for home so I could interchange parts).