Robinson As Heinlein (or the new RAH)

I bought and started reading Variable Star yesterday, and it’s so good that I’m dying to get back to it again. I only heard about it thanks to R* (remember him?), who I ran into and played 1830 with at a Thursday night gaming session. It’s not quite Heinlein, but that doesn’t bother me as I love Spider Robinson as well. And, for what it’s worth, had I never read Spider Robinson, I’m not sure I’d distinguish his flourishes as easily. The frequent spoonerisms to avoid using a dirty word are a clear Robinson input; to my knowledge, Heinlein never indulged in such things. Of course, he did use euphemisms, but he didn’t use spoonerisms to accomplish his euphemisms. (too many isms!)

I suppose I owe an update on R* to some of my readership who aren’t involved in my IL real life and thus may not know. He’s married now…wedded in Vegas (because all the cool kids were doing it) this past fall. I do see him occasionally, and we’re cordial with each other…maybe even a little better than cordial, but I’m lacking an appropriate term. At some point not long after I moved in with my now DH, we started running an at-home poker game and I invited R* to that gathering, knowing that he enjoys the game, and feeling that it’d be darn rude not to invite him. So, that helped get us back to cordiality from the bitter sniping that had gone on, and then it progressed from there to where things are now. Oh, and he’s been apart from the target of mutual desire for a long time now, and started dating a new girl with same name but very different qualities, and that is who he is now married to. So, that’s it in a nutshell I think. 🙂