So, I’d really like to get a cheapie Apple laptop for the house. I’m thinking something with a small-ish screen (15 inches or less). One that is running either the latest OS or darn close would be ideal. It doesn’t need to be super-powerful, but I do want built-in wifi and a DVD drive. My thought is to use it for some basic tasks with the goal being for me to prove that I can get it up and running on our network, test out things like BridgeBase which would have to run via an emulator, etc. Basically, I want to make sure that I can use an Apple on a cheapie system before I throw thousands of dollars out on a premium system only to find out I’m not happy on a non-Windows machine. I’ve been looking on eBay, and I see lots of options on there…but I’d love some advice from any MacHeads out there, particularly things like if there’s a system that has inherent flaws (and thus I should avoid that system), or OS recommendations (does it really matter for Tiger vs. Jaguar vs. whatever? is OS X enough for what I want to do or do I need to be on the latest to really get a feel?), or whatever.