Rosie vs. Trump

I haven’t been a huge Rosie fan for quite awhile now. Her virulent anti-gun standpoint is what made her lose me. I hated when she went off the deep end with it, too, because up until then, I *had* been a huge fan. Rosie and her views have been all over the media lately. First, it was her (YouTube popularized) standoff with Elisabeth Hasselback on the View. Then, her imitation of an Asian/Chinese newsman caused controversy. And now, she’s taken on the Donald. Details are posted and linked by EW here, but the thing that is striking me is how petulant Trump’s response is. It’s ridiculous on a number of levels. She attacked his position as a moral authority, and quite frankly, it’s been a subject of attack so many times before that had Trump not reacted, Rosie’s comments would have likely been criticized for being out of date. But, reading even the relatively conservative quoting that MSNBC gave of Trump’s response, I’m dumbfounded by how absolutely vindictive he sounds.