I got a free one year subscription to Redbook. I have discovered since then that I really don’t like the magazine at all. I had signed up for their e-mail list, because they do reader surveys via that list which become content in the magazine. I had hoped that I could give input that might broaden their understanding of a married woman’s interests. I responded to a survey about the use of blogs to keep in touch with family. I also responded about my own definition of family (marking 3 of 7 questions “N/A” because they assume the responder has kids). I responded to a survey about same sex marriage. Gradually, I’ve stopped responding. I haven’t seen any view I’ve represented make it into the magazine, and I realized that most of why I don’t like the magazine is that it’s not made for me. Thus, either the majority of responders are espousing views in contrast with mine (making me the correctly represented minority) or the magazine doesn’t want to target itself toward me as a reader (meaning I might be part of a significant group but one they choose to ignore). Either way, I’m stopping my subscription and removing myself from the mail list, even though I have another 4-5 issues left. There’s no point in me getting a magazine that I’m not interested in reading.

A magazine that I have enjoyed is The Nest, which was recently started by The Knot and mailed free to those registered on the knot who were recently married. They started it because they discovered that their sister site, The Nest, was getting not just transfer registrants from The Knot but entirely new registrants, many of whom complained that there didn’t seem to be a place for them elsewhere. The target of the magazine is couples in their first 1-2 years of marriage. So far, it’s only being released quarterly, but I’ve read it cover to cover for both of the issues I’ve received. The “married and not bored with each other yet” segment seems to be pretty neglected by magazines. For example, Cosmopolitan and Elle both did articles on travel plans where you can meet other singles. Redbook covered travel with kids. The Nest, albeit in a clearly advertiser-sponsored manner, has a regular feature on travel for couples.

Now, granted, their topics might get tired to me in a year or two, but a subscription only lasts a year anyways. Any recommendations for magazines out there that don’t exclusively target kid-enhanced couples? For what it’s worth, I’m attracted to periodicals over books these days, because I can throw away a magazine and thus lighten my load while traveling.

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