I hate MySpace

I just saw that Cingular has jumped on the MySpace bandwagon. I don’t know for the life of me how the site persists. The UI sucks. I tried using it, and it took me a bloody hour to figure out how to add a friend. Then, it sent me e-mail constantly. I adjusted my settings to fix the e-mails, and I still got e-mail. Worse yet, it’d send me e-mail with a broken link to my friend’s blog updates. Why even bother sending me an \e-mail if I can’t use it to go to your site? So, I set it up so it was e-mailing my site’s /dev/null. And I still hated it, just because the UI was ridiculous. It kills me that people now sign up with that instead of something logical like blogger or LJ. Additionally, the layout of the pages is so busy with content by default that it feels overloaded. I’ve seen customized myspace layouts that were cleaner, but most people’s look like someone vomited HTML all over the page. It’s maggoty with pop-up ads, too. I eventually gave up on it, bid a sad farewell to the content I used to read on there, and decided to spend my webhits on other sites.

So, for anyone who has asked me to get a myspace page, I won’t. If you have a myspace page and I can get there easily using a link without signing up with myspace, I might go look at it, but I won’t comment on things because then I have to sign up. No myspace for me, and in my mental world, a kitten dies every time someone signs up with myspace. So there.