Aunt Things

This past weekend, as promised in an earlier post, was spent with Scott’s side of the family celebrating Hanukkah. We got to see Adorable Nephew #1 (just turned 6) and Adorable Nephew #2 (almost 2, I think?), and the adorable little cousins (who are the kids of Scott’s cousins). One of AN1’s gifts was a Fisher Price Kidproof Digital Camera, and he had a ball with it. On Saturday evening, he wanted to take pictures of everything. As promised by the packaging, it took him less than five seconds (and no reading of instructions) to learn how to use it. It was really kind of amazing. Their design team deserves kudos. Now, the display is fuzzy and has a slow refresh rate, but they did that whole double viewfinder thing so that the kid can just hold it up to their eyes (not having to hold one eye closed)…why they don’t do that for adults mystifies me. Just because we can hold one eye shut doesn’t mean we want to. Anyways, I invented a game for him to play with the camera where Scott & I gave him clues, and he had to go take a picture that matched the clue. Things like:

* Take a picture of something that’s circle-shaped
* Take a picture of something black
* Take a picture of food
* Take a picture of something taller than you are

He had fun with that. And then, I told him to take a picture of something he liked, thinking I’d get some idea of what his favorite toy is, and he took a picture of Scott and showed it to me. He’s grinning like the Cheshire cat while he does this…so the thing is, I know he knows what he’s doing, but it still melted my heart a teeny bit. I teased him about sucking up to the judges, and he giggled.

We also played Igloo Pop with him, which he always likes to play. Scott & I got to take him in our car to one of the parties we were going to as a family, and he begged me to see if that trick you can do in video games where you go in reverse and then switch to drive really fast works in real life. So…I waited for the street to be clear and went into reverse and then quickly stopped and shifted into drive, using my button (on the Sentra, there’s a button on the gearshift that you can hit to put the car in drive instead of overdrive…I jokingly call it my turbo button) and then floored it. Thanks to the street in front of the house being a bit wet from morning condensation, the wheels spun and we darted off in a lovely way, just like a racecar doing a true speed start, with the kind of vroom noise that a fast car should make thanks to being in drive, and for about five minutes, I was the coolest person ever. 🙂 This is why it rocks to be an Aunt. 🙂 I also asked him what kind of music he wanted to listen to, and he asked for Red Hot Chili Peppers…so I dug some of that out of the ipod, but I’m not sure he’d heard Love Rollercoaster before. 🙂 Heh.

Oh, and AN2 is almost at the point of being interesting. He loves holding the karaoke microphone, even though he can’t quite sing yet. He will not let it go without a fight unless you distract him with something shiny. It was adorably sad when we had to do it so he could go to bed. He got distracted by something in another room, dropped the mike, wandered off…and his parents are like “Quick, hide it!” So, AN1 and I dashed around hiding the microphones and cables. Then, AN2 realized what he’d done and came back to the room looking for the microphone. He got teary for a moment when he realized it was gone, but then his mom gave him his favorite stuffed toy, and he was okay again.