Passport stuff

Question for those of you with perhaps more passport experience than me…. I have a passport currently, but it has my maiden name on it instead of my newly minted last name. I have a trip overseas coming up for work in January (to Panama). I will need my passport for that trip. I’d travel under my maiden name, but the airlines won’t credit my frequent flyer account if the account name doesn’t match the traveler name, nor are they willing to put both names or both name variants on the account. So, I need to change the name on my passport. I looked up the form for doing this, read through the process, etc…it’s no big deal to do.

However, I have stamps on my passport right now for Ireland and Korea. I’m rather proud of them. To get the new name passport, I have to surrender my old passport. I’m assuming I’ll lose those stamps in the process. Am I right in that assumption? Or do they transfer the pages over or something? Also, is there any penalty or badness on my part for removing passport pages? Could I remove the pages myself and keep them? Probably not, I’m guessing…that could lead to fradulent things, so I’m sure the state dept doesn’t allow it. Have any of you run into this conundrum? I supposed I could photocopy the stamps…that may be my only option.