I’m in NJ this week, staying at yet another really beautiful place in Basking Ridge: the Olde Mill Inn. They serve hot breakfast for free from 6:30am to 8:30am every morning, so I woke up early to get bacon, sausage, and eggs. I had some coffee, too. I’m really craving a cold soda at this point, but I’m out of change for the soda machine. I have cash, but it’s all in (relatively) large bills. Grr, argh. Also, there’s not exactly a plethora of fast food options nearby. I think there’s a Wendy’s about a mile or two away, but I’m not sure it’s worth possibly getting lost to find it. If you’ve never been in this part of NJ, allow me to explain that it’s not exactly easy to navigate. (If you have been here and I’m just navigationally challenged, don’t tell me. I need my ego intact on this point.) I may go google mapping and get myself a soda before my big meeting though, because one should not enter a big meeting thirsty.

One of my aunts had her thyroid removed yesterday. I want to call her and see how she’s doing, but I don’t know if she can talk. I’m not sure how invasive of a procedure it is. And, even if she physically can talk, after surgery, I’m sure she’s worn out. I do know that she reads my blog though, so hopefully, she’ll see this and know I’m thinking about her.

In other news, there’s an ad campaign running here that poses the question, “Shouldn’t you be treated different?” Aaaaarrrrrrrrgggghhhh. I know I’m not exactly a bastion of proper grammar, but still…aaaarrrrgggghhhh.