HalloweeM 2006

‘weeM this year was pretty nifty.

We played Ticket To Ride: Marklin Edition. It adds some good strategic elements, but it’s not the gateway drug that Ticket To Ride is. That is, it’s good for your dedicated gamers, but it’s not good for casual gamers. A casual gamer familiar with previous TTRs could pick it up easily, but don’t start someone on that edition if you can help it. Anyways, it’s on the list of games to buy. We also playtested a game created by a person there, one of our Mensa gamer friends. It was really good, and I think we gave him some good feedback on possible areas to improve. As a game theory exercise (which is this guy’s hobby), it’s very good. So, I have high hopes for him to someday get it published.

Our costume on Friday night went over wonderfully:

From left to right: BatBride, AquaBride, Justice of the Peace, WonderBride, SuperBride…together: the Justice of the Peace League!

The theme of ‘weeM this year was SuperWeeM, and Janet & I wanted to get to wear our wedding dresses again, so that’s the root of the costume. We also added that Scott would double as “the Flash” for an extra piece of awesomeness; I have pictures of that as well, but I’m not posting them in the gallery. I had a brunette wig, arm braces, and the golden lasso as my Wonder Woman accessories. There’s a pic of me and SuperBride together in the gallery, if you’re interested. (I also added some more Pancake pics to the Pancake gallery at the same time.)

I got to spend some time with a friend I’d lost touch with on Saturday evening. Pretentious Drinking was awesome as always. I gave random body shot lessons to various guys. Then, we danced for a long time.

(And yes, it sucks that my sweetie was likely an unintentional vector during the weekend. We honestly thought it was just a lingering cough at the time. It proved itself to be worse on Sunday morning and night.)