Friday Round-up

I’ve been lax in updating my blog. I know it seems like I’ve been putting in the usual number of posts, but there’s a few life events I haven’t written about for various reasons.

* My grandfather, on my mom’s side, passed away on Tuesday. I got the news upon landing in NJ, as I was doing one of my usual one-day in-and-out trips that day. The funeral was scheduled for Thursday (yesterday), and my mom drove down for it, which was a pretty big thing on her part considering that she was essentially disowned by that leg of her family because of her poly-ish relationship. She would note that it wasn’t that much of an accomplishment, but I know it had to be tough. My grandfather (who I called “Pa”) had been in the hospital for a week. His body was failing, and he did not want to be sustained by machinery, for his own reasons. I’d seen him in May, thanks to a picnic arranged while I was visiting my Aunt (who has been nifty and in communication throughout). It is true that my work would have let me go. It is also true that I could have afforded the airfare (which, even considering bereavement fares, would have been significant, as this leg of family lives in the middle of nowhere of Georgia). But…it is even more so true that this is the busiest time of the year for me at work (a contributing reason I haven’t written as much), and the work wouldn’t get handed to someone else while I was gone. I’d just have a bigger pile when I got back, and in the interim, things that affect the bottom line for next year would slip because I wasn’t here. It sounds arrogant, but it is true that what I do has that kind of influence. I wouldn’t make stock purchases based on my vacation schedule or anything…but me being gone at a critical time of year would be a bad thing. I also…I don’t like hospitals. I don’t like the idea of seeing someone who is essentially dying. I’m glad I saw Pa earlier this year, when he was mostly well and happy. I also don’t think that the way to make my peace with someone who is gone is a funeral. Anyways, point being, I didn’t go. I don’t see anything wrong with me not going (nor does my mom), but some might.

* We did decide to go to Hawaii (previously discussed as a possibility), not long after my previous post on the topic. A few events happened that seemed even more like fate wanted us to go to Hawaii. We got a very good price on a direct flight to Honolulu. And btw, I feel horribly odd that I, like most folks seem to, keep referencing it as “going to Hawaii” when I’m really going to Honolulu or (at best) Oahu. It’s like saying I’m going to Louisiana, when I’m really going to New Orleans. Now, when I went to Ireland, I really did tour a fair amount of the country, so I don’t feel bad calling that “going to Ireland.” I don’t know why the inclination is to call it “going to Hawaii” when no one ever says they’re “going to Illinois” when they go to Chicago. Honolulu is as well known as Chicago in US circles at least. Anyways, point being, for all of y’all who offered info, we’re interested in learning as much as we can about what we can do while on Oahu. A trip on the Atlantis sub is looking likely. I’m sure we’ll also take advantage of the beach. A Thanksgiving luau is being held by the ACBL. I’d like to be able to do an inter-island trip to a volcano or lava flow, but I don’t think that’s likely. I need to research it more.

* MrsO came to visit us this week, which was nifty. We played games. Scott entertained her on Monday evening. I needed to go to bed early b/c of my trip on Tuesday, but we ended up going to bed at the same time anyways because of the massive storm. She drove up to visit us on Wednesday (her trip was for business and her business was in Schaumburg). And by now, I believe she is back home. 🙂