A failure to communicate

To understand the following, note that ProjectX includes FunctionalityX.

Earlier today, I wrote an e-mail which was essentially:


ProjectX (FunctionalityX) is required for UpcomingProduct. ProjectX is still showing as part of UpcomingProduct in the product plan. I had previously stated that ProjectX could be skipped for Upcoming Product, but unfortunately, ProjectX will be required by the customer.

Therefore, please do NOT drop ProjectX from UpcomingProduct. Please forward this as needed and consider this an official notice.

Thank you,


The next e-mail I receive on this subject is:

So, you want FunctionalityX and not FunctionalityY, right? Because FunctionalityY is already done. If FunctionalityY will suffice, it’s done.

I was on a meeting with this person no more than 24 hours ago, in which we discussed in detail the differences between X & Y, why Y might be good enough etc. It was in fact on that meeting that I made the statement that Y would probably do for UpcomingProduct, which statement I am intending to correct with this e-mail. ::sigh:: So, I reply and confirm that it is, in fact, FunctionalityX that I am seeking. I blow this off as wishful thinking as opposed to immediately being frustrated with the fact that this person is kinda ignoring what’s in the e-mail the person is replying to.

Next e-mail I get, from the same person:

What product is this for?

Again, I am patient. I reply, “It’s for UpcomingProduct.”

Next e-mail, from same person:

So, please make sure to add this to UpcomingProduct plan.

With this, the person CC’s another person who is actually the maintainer of the aforementioned plan. I ignore the mail, because I know any response I send will be to the effect of “If you’d just read the e-mail I sent…”

Just now, the maintainer of the plan replied to illiterate-person and said “As mentioned in the original mail, ProjectX is already on UpcomingProduct’s plan.”

Small victory. 🙂 It’s sad what makes me smile. Between this and the kerfluffle over “Name1,Name2” vs. “Name1/Name2” that went around earlier, I’ve been quite amused by my e-mail for most of the day.