To Hawaii?

The Fall NABCs are being held in Honolulu this year. Three NABCs are held each year: spring, summer, and fall. Summer was in Chicago; you may recall posts from when I was there. 🙂 The Fall NABCs are unique in that they’re scheduled over Thanksgiving. This makes them an excellent NABC for those who work, because the Thanksgiving holiday means you don’t have to take as much vacation time.

I think Hawaii is on most people’s “someday” list (unless it’s on their “done” list). We’re no exception. In a single week, I saw three different articles saying that Hawaii is a great vacation spot for new couples and that the best time to go is November. Then, I read the Bridge bulletin and spotted this year’s NABC listing. Coincidence? Or kismet? Hmm…

We’ve roughly estimated that it’ll be a fairly expensive trip. It will actually be more expensive than going to Ireland was, believe it or not. Then again, Ireland may actually be physically closer. (ed note: Yep, it is. Dublin, Ireland is around 3600 miles from here. Honolulu is around 4300.) Still, you only live once, right? And, it’s not like either of us will be eating spam for weeks in order to make up for the expense or anything. We’d likely just skip buying presents for each other for the holidays, as well as not plan any major trips after that for awhile.

We’re still debating about this. Cost is a big factor, obviously. However, is it going to be any cheaper to do it at a future date? Maybe, but not likely. Going as part of the NABC means we get to stay in a swanky resort for less than a hotel in Chicago cost for the NABCs here. Going as part of the NABC has another benefit, too…we’ll have things to do whenever we need them. I know it sounds odd, but we’re worried we’d get bored in Hawaii. Neither of us are beach people. We want to go, to see it and experience it, but we’re not going to be laying on the beach for hours. I’d turn into a tomato, and it’s just not Scott’s thing. Because there will be 18 hours a day of bridge going on, we can play bridge, and take breaks from bridge to go see the sights. We’d definitely go see a volcano…and maybe a pineapple farm. 🙂 The NABC is hosting a Thanksgiving luau, too, so we’d get to do the whole Hawaiian luau on the beach thing for Thanksgiving. How friggin’ cool is that?

So what’s keeping us from doing it?
1) We won’t know anyone there. Bridge events are notoriously populated with older folks, too, so we aren’t likely to meet people that we can hang out with. At the Chicago NABCs, we met up with friends almost every day, be they Bridge friends or local friends. Given the tensions that can creep up during Bridge, friendly faces are good to have.
2) We’ve done several major trips this year. The Chicago NABCs were one major trip. The wedding was another. We planned a last minute trip to Vegas for the Moo elopement. We went to Lake Tahoe. As a result, we’re both low on vacation time (although we can afford this trip). We have been tentatively planning to go to London to visit Ursula early next year. If we do this, the London trip will likely get pushed out, both for financial and vacation reasons. We also won’t be able to take time off during the holidays much, which means cutting back on the 2 necessary family visits.
3) Speaking of family, Thanksgiving is a pretty major holiday for Scott’s family. Because it’s a national holiday, there’s a bigger crowd than for Hanukkah. And, because it’s also adorable nephew #1’s birthday (and thus all kids get a party and some kind of present), it’s a big deal for the kids…and thusly an opportunity for us to spoil them rotten. 🙂 However, we just found out that Thanksgiving is being held in Ohio this year instead of Detroit. Ohio is a much harder drive for us. Flights are ridiculously expensive for that weekend. For both driving and flying, weather is a factor that can screw everything up. I haven’t met the Ohio part of the family yet…and I do want to meet them…but it’s going to be a painfully stressful weekend if the weather is bad at all, and that’s not the circumstances I’d prefer.

It’s also true that I just love the idea of being in Hawaii in a few months, relaxing with my sweetie. And I have a bunch of 500-mile upgrades that I’ve earned via work, so we’ll be able to have at least one leg of the flight be in first class. We keep going back and forth on this, crazy Ivan style. I was hoping writing it out would help me figure out what side I’m leaning toward, but I still can’t tell. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery out there?