I’m wearing knee-high suede boots with a significant heel. 🙂 I feel tall. Today, I’m wearing them with a long wrap moleskin skirt (my equestrian print skirt that has been a favorite for years now, despite it now being hiphugger-big), but I plan to wear them with a just-past-knee-length skirt later this week so that I can be ultimately trendy. They’re surprisingly comfortable, although the heel height is taking some adjustment. I was particularly careful walking in in the pouring rain this morning. (And yes, I waterproofed them before wearing them.). It’s amazing how a sexy pair of shoes can change my whole feeling of self.

In other, completely un-related news:

a) I went with my DH to Milwaukee to play poker last night. I went because they were having a NLHE tournament. I ended up winning, to the tune of $600, off of my $60 entry fee. Not too shabby.
b) We’re considering going to Hawaii over Thanksgiving for the Fall NABCs (Bridge tourney). We know we want to go to Hawaii at some point. This seems like a good excuse. I might post more on this later, because we’re really going back and forth on it, and I could use the therapy of writing out the pluses and minuses.