Coke Rewards

So far, since June, I’ve redeemed 264 coke rewards points, for multiple free bottles of coke as well as 3 magazine subscriptions, a NASCAR greeting card for my Dad, and a photo poster (I made a poster of the wedding photo mosaic). I still have 176 more points to spend as of today. They only let me get one free bottle of coke each month, and as I have no idea how long the promotion will last, I’m inclined to spend them on other things. Problem is, I’ve run out of things to spend them on. I could just keep accumulating, but I seriously doubt I’ll get the thousands of points necessary to get the *really* cool things (like vacations or coke machines) before the promotion ends.

It’s also a little shocking how much Coke I’ve consumed, especially when you consider that 1 point equals roughly 6.5 ounces of Coke product on average.