Motivation from nowhere

I spent all day at work today feeling incredibly overwhelmed with work and completely unmotivated to do any of it. A few hours ago, I sat down to do a work task I always have to do late on a Tuesday evening…but instead of just doing that one task, I sat for two hours and caught up on work. My “to do” list went from 88 items to 16. I have no idea where the burst of motivation came from, but it felt good.

Actually, I do have a theory. When I’m at work, I’m almost always about 20 minutes away from being at a meeting, if I’m not in one right then. I’m often running late to my next meeting because the meeting at the beginning of the day ran over (usually because an hour long topic got a half hour slot because no one’s Outlook had room for an hour meeting). So, the time I have to sit and concentrate is almost nil. As a result, I spend those 20 minute intervals websurfing or writing blog posts…because I can’t get my brain into taskspace for so short a period of time.