It’s become time for us to look at having a cat again. We’ve been perusing PetFinder. There’s a local shelter called Tails of Hope. Their purpose is that they primarily take cats from people who are dying and place them in foster homes until they can be adopted out, so that the dying person doesn’t have to worry about their cat’s care after they’ve gone. They also take some abandoned cats, but in all cases, they keep them in foster homes rather than a shelter environment. We got in touch with them (versus Save-A-Pet, the local Wal-Mart of pet adoption) because…well, mainly proximity, and they seemed to have a number of compatible cats. Also, because it’s a relatively small organization, they seem to put alot of personal care into it. I donate money to Save-A-Pet, btw…and I don’t intend to trash them in any way. They’re a wonderful organization. Tails of Hope just happened to catch our eye first.

Here’s a list of the pets that ToH has: Tails of Hope adoption list on Petfinder. We initially were looking at Mae, but her foster home is considering taking her on permanently. We were pretty much interested in any of the cats that need a pet and child free home. Pancake came over today for a visit. He’s 3 years old, and he’s very cute. However, he’s aggressive (hisses and will swipe at you if you proceed beyond the hiss-warning), and in the nervous “OMG I’m in an unfamiliar house and it smells weird!” situation, it was hard to get a feel for his personality. He’s understandably freaked by the situation, I’m sure. But…after sitting calmly and essentially ignoring him for awhile, he found a place where he felt safe and went into relaxation mode. We teased him with a cat toy a bit, and he became a playful sweetie. He loved the balcony area that we have that overlooks the den and foyer. He spent most of his time just smelling and investigating everything. That is, he wasn’t truly mean. He wasn’t hiding, either. He was looking around. He only hid when we were trying to approach him before he was ready, which is understandable. Human affection isn’t exactly polite in cat-speak.

Point being though, and the current foster family (who brought him over) didn’t directly say it, but it was well implied…a cat like Pancake is not going to get adopted by anyone who isn’t already good with cats and knows their behaviors. And, anyone good with cats like that likely already has a cat, and he’s fought the other cats in the two multi-cat homes he’s been in. He was a housecat that was abandoned at a PetSmart. The owners left him in a carrier in the store. ToH has no idea what his previous life was like, if he was abused or not, but his foster family said that he is extremely warm and affectionate if you let him be the one to decide. You just can’t force yourself on him. They also said they think he’s just lacking trust right now for anyone, and the longer he stays with a single family, the better he’ll get as far as attitude and such.

Some of our friends, M&V, have cats which are not outwardly affectionate. But they’re still wonderful cats. And M was telling us yesterday that one of their cats will just get into moods sometimes, even mid-petting, where he’s like “Hiss! Leave me alone!” but a few moments later he’s back to being happy. I suspect Pancake will always be more of that kind of cat than like Maggie or even Exit or Tyler. Still, that doesn’t bother me. I kind of like that he’s different than Maggie. It doesn’t feel like a replacement; it’s just a new companion. He’s so pretty, too. He has bright green/blue eyes and orange & white coloring…like a creamsicle. So…Pancake may become a part of our family, TBD. The other possible adoptee is a cat named Lil, but I heard today that, like Mae, her foster family wants to keep her. And, this is why I’d never be a foster family. I’d want to keep my foster cat, too. 🙂 It was painful enough today, because the daughter of the foster mom came with her, and the daughter clearly adores Pancake…yet another reason that I’m convinced he’d warm up once he was with us for a longer time. A preteen girl isn’t going to like a cat that is mean to her. And, knowing how Pancake interacts with them is almost more important. Right now, they’re his family. We’re weird strangers with a funny-smelling house. 🙂