I flew from ORD to EWR today, the usual trip (albeit not at the usual hour, thank goodness…my flight was at 5:30pm). I’m currently camped out at the North Maple Inn in Basking Ridge. It’s a pretty sweet place to sleep for a geek. There’s free wireless net access, so I’m sitting in bed to type this. There’s a very large workstation, with a printer. Plus, it’s a resort, so there’s nifty amenities like a bathrobe and really nice decorations.

As for the new TSA regs, I planned for them, so it was no biggie. I arrived way earlier than I normally do. I checked a bag I’d normally carry on. I also have it set up where I’ll use up my liquid amenities by Friday such that I can carry on for the trip home…when I usually fly standby.

I’m playing Bridge while typing this up (typing while dummy), so I may meander more than normal. I’ve also got a Mythbusters repeat going on the TV in the background. Speaking of Mythbusters, I saw Kari, Grant, and Tory at GenCon. Their panel/talk was really cool. They repeated some of the vodka myth tests. They also showed a highly classified “blooper reel” that included when they tested if girls fart, and if you can light a fart on fire…neither of which made it onto the air in US TV. I’m a total Grant Imehara fangirl, but I shied away from meeting him. I’d just go all giggly squee, and that’s not how I want to be around him. GenCon itself was fun, but as usual, I spent most of the time with the same folks I game with around here. I did play three games that were new to me: Wallamoppi (Out of the Box), Cleopatra & the Society of Architects (Days of Wonder), and Cineplexity (Out of the Box). Cineplexity might be a good party game, but it had too much of an Apples-to-Apples feel to really get me into it. C&tSoA was really fun, and we’ll be buying it. Wallamoppi was also really fun, although it seems like you can often play it to what is essentially a draw. I won a copy of Wallamoppi from OotB, so I have it at home. It smells really nice. 🙂