I love school supplies, but I have absolutely no need for them at this point in my life. I rarely use paper; when I do, I’m marking up a printout. My office supplies pens-a-plenty. This time of year is so tough for me because all the stores go balls-out on school supply sales and displays. I got sucked into the display at Sears Grand this past weekend and ended up buying a pack of PaperMate pens in various colors. It was 33 cents. I justified it because colored pens come in handy for rallies, even though we haven’t done a rallye in more than a year. I haven’t truly written in so long that my hand cramps up almost immediately when I start. I wrote two short cards last week, finally getting around to sending notes to the two vet offices we dealt with for Maggie (the AETC and Banfield), and my hand cramped up midway through the second one.

Anyone who frequents the site may have noticed that the gallery requests a username/password combo now. If you want access, just e-mail me. I’ve been on the borderline of password protecting it for awhile, just because I like to put captions on the photos, but I have to be *really* careful about captioning (and most of the time end up not bothering) because I don’t want to give out too much info next to a photo…makes it too easy to google the photo. The password protecting will block most googler access. Yes, it can be hacked, but for it to be hacked, someone has to care enough to bother, and I frankly don’t see that being the case. It may go back to being open later on, because I certainly enjoy being able to link to those photos from elsewhere, and my gallery software provides the ability to create individual user permissions. So, the next step will likely be to create a single username/pw through the software (instead of using HTAccess permissions as I’m using now). Using the software more fully would also allow me to grant certain specific persons the ability to upload photos to the site for posting…which might come in handy for some of my friends who don’t have a solid photo hosting site. But…creating an HTAccess PW is fast and easy. Creating a user, testing their permissions, setting up permissions, etc…that takes longer, so I haven’t bothered yet.

I love autumn, and I’m itching for it to come. I love the leaves changing and the cool weather. It’s hard to tell whether the school supply love is tied to autumn, but school supply displays remind me that autumn is coming.