I’ll be headed to GenCon this week, riding down on Wednesday with the Moos :), although one of their new kittens is sickly, so it’s not absolutely certain that they’ll be going. I’m almost hoping that they can’t make the trip, because I’ve honestly been regretting the decision to do the full GenCon 5-day this year. The hotel is very expensive; the cheap options sell out fast. With the wedding and Bridge Nationals having happened before this, I’ve missed a fair amount of work already this year. I should have planned to skim down my GenCon attendance accordingly, but I didn’t.

Normally, the big selling points of GenCon to me are game demos, getting to play games I can’t normally play, and the Puffing Billy. I don’t really want to attempt the Puffing Billy events; you have to dedicate your entire time to them to do well at all, which means sacrificing the other two categories. I will get to play Advanced Civ, which falls into the second category due to it being a super-long game (10-12 hours easily). I’ll also be going to a MythBusters event, which is a big huge plus one. Still, I could have gone for less nights and accomplished the same goals. I’m not even sure I’ll go to GenCon next year. Given a choice between GenCon and a trip abroad or a trip to a Bridge event, GenCon loses, and the cost of GenCon, with hotel, travel, etc. is as expensive as it is to fly to a number of other places and stay for the same amount of time. It’d be different if I wasn’t blessed with an awesome circle of gamer friends who feed my need on a regular basis…but I do have gamer friends. GenCon has become superfluous, I think.

We’ll see if I feel the same way when I get back.