This past weekend, we were in Las Vegas for the wedding of two of our good friends. They had decided to do a Vegas wedding awhile back. It took some maneuvering to find a good date, and then they decided on a hot air balloon wedding. So, on 7/30, early in the morning, we were witnesses to a wedding in the basket of a hot air balloon. Then, we floated over suburban Las Vegas, with the strip and the sun in the distance.

I was shocked by how smooth the balloon ride was. It sounds contrived, but the following tidbit is absolutely true. The bride was freaking out over the fire from the balloon (it was REALLY hot and as she’s pretty tall, it was not far from her head, plus she had a ton of hairspray in) and was hiding a bit by sitting/crouching in the basket. This is while we were still on the ground and the pilot was just heating the balloon to keep the wind from tipping it (and us) over. I started freaking out, because I’m in a *basket* about to fly up in the air, and the fire was really hot. I mean, it felt like my back was getting cooked every time the pilot lit it up. I understand the physics of a hot air balloon, but I had no idea how hot it would be for the passengers. You’d think they could have come up with a way to cone off the heat and shunt it into the balloon instead of at the passengers. But anyways…point being, I’m freaking out, and I crouch down in the basket, too, and start talking to the bride…”I’m so sorry and I know you paid alot but I’ll pay you back and I don’t think I can do this I’m so hot” all in one breath, with more whinging even. Those who have seen me in a pre-ride panic at Six Flags will know how that goes. It’s apparently how I react to this sort of thing. I’m fine up until the last minute, and then I panic. Anyways, then I look out the little hole in the basket, meant to be used as a foot grip to climb in, and I see that we’re already about 40 feet off the ground. šŸ™‚ It was so smooth going up that until I looked, I didn’t even know we had moved. At that point, I was fine. I stood up, tolerated the burning heat, and enjoyed the view…which was spectacular.

I’ll have pictures up in the Gallery tonight. I haven’t even downloaded them from the camera yet. We got in late last night, and I’m back at work now.