I’m really cold. I’m wearing a reasonable summer outfit: a skirt and a white polo shirt. I hesitate to blame the office temperature controls, as I’m coming down with the cold that my dear husband has been suffering from for the past few days.

We’re going to Las Vegas this weekend, so I’m trying my best to get unsick. I’m pumping the vitamin C and calcium (yay for Crystal Light Pink Grapefruit mix!), and I’m taking tylenol to combat the fever and overall blech feeling. We’re going to Vegas because some friends of ours (who stood up in our wedding) are getting married. They’ve chosen a hot air balloon wedding. By comparison, their nuptials will be much more casual than ours. We’ll be the only guests, for example. Still, I’m really looking forward to it. I’m very happy for them, and I’m going to do my darnedest to make it an awesome weekend for them…including not getting sick!

I managed to get completely caught up on work yesterday. The result is that I’m bored today, with nothing pressing and no backlog of “to do”. I intentionally left my iPod in the car, because if I had it with me, I’d exhaust my supply of podcasts rather quickly. I need to have enough podcasts to survive the plane trips this weekend.

Our other Vegas plans for the weekend (we’ll have one day that it’s just us there) are to visit The Slammer (if only to peek at it from the outside) and to see Bodies: The Exhibition at the Tropicana. It’ll be hard to top the fun of our last trip to Vegas, though. đŸ™‚