Hot for Ad

There’s an 8-foot tall standup cutout/poster that I walk by every day at work of Michael and Marco Andretti. The father/son indy team is featured at my office so prominently for semi-obvious reasons. I desperately tried to find the exact ad reproduced somewhere on the net, but I can’t. I don’t know if it was a preliminary/draft or what. I tried to find it because I get a tingle down below every time I walk by it, possibly similar to what my straight male counterparts experience when walking by a similar cut-out of another linked sports celeb, which is housed in the same area.

What’s even odder about this is that the Andretti ad is this father/son thing, with the older Andretti crouched at the bottom, and the younger Andretti standing behind him. Worse yet, *that’s* what attracts me. I can’t say that I’m attracted to either one individually, but pictured together…and with that defiant look on Marco’s face and the bemused expression on Michael’s…yum. Michael does have a goatee going, and I do love goatees. Still, I can’t say I’d like that part of the picture were it not for the other part, and vice versa.

I’m a sick puppy. 🙁