Frequent viewers may notice a slight change to the menu bar of the Org*. I did some clean-up of things that were cobwebby, and I added a geocaching stat bar, since it’s my most recent addiction. I spent a few hours biking and geocaching on Saturday, while Scott was playing poker. My ass is quite sore today as a result. (I invested in a gel padded bike seat this afternoon.) I need to get my bike serviced. The front tire lost air while I was out. This also means I need to dig out the bike paperwork, because the servicing is free if I can find it, versus $75 if I can’t.

It’s raining very hard here. The rain beats on the windows. I made myself some mint tea. Tomorrow, I will work. But, later this week, we’ll be playing at the Chicago NABCs, and that will be super-nifty. 🙂