Post Overdue (end of NJ week re-cap)

* Accidentally ended up in SoHo on Thursday night. The plan was to have dinner with my aunt in Fort Lee, NJ. However, both mapquest and the GPS thought the fastest way to get there was via Manhattan. (Distance-wise, it does make sense in that it is cardinally direct, but average driving time kills that advantage.) I ended up on the NY side of the Holland Tunnel, so I called my aunt to sync up again. Turned out, she hadn’t left the Bronx yet, so we agreed to just have dinner in SoHo. We ate at an organic restaurant with a live jazz/classical band. I had seared duck. I learned that I don’t like mashed parsnips, although they are a good low-carb alternative to mashed potatoes.

* While driving around SoHo, I saw Mike Myers on the street. I waved at him, and he waved back. I’m not sure if he caught my double-take and realized I was one of the “common people” just happening to recognize him…or if the look on his face was him trying to figure out if he knew me. 🙂 He was carrying a hockey stick and wearing a basic white t-shirt and jeans. After I told my DH, he started trying to locate a hockey rink in that area using Google. My DH is becoming quite the google-stalker. 🙂

* Managed to catch the early flight home on Friday night, which was awesome. I was in the last row on the plane, aisle seat, so I couldn’t see anything out the window except for the turbines. This resulted in an odd sensation when the plane was moving, especially since we taxied around the runway for an hour before takeoff. So, now at least I have a good reason for wanting a window seat.

* Hanging out with my aunt was cool, although I managed to share some info with her that she may have been a little shocked by. I blame the Irish Coffee. Even more so, I blame my sense of non-closeted honesty. I’ve certainly mentioned our sexual predilections on this blog before. I don’t talk about it constantly, but I don’t feel I need to. Who I fuck (or who I plan to fuck) isn’t exactly the first thing on my mind most of the time…although it is something I think about. I don’t feel the need to proclaim it from the rooftops either…but if it comes up, I don’t lie, and it came up. It’s a bit of adjustment for me, too, because not everyone (DH included) has the same sensibility, and I’ve had to adjust accordingly in some situations.