I’m in NJ all this week. I’m running on about four hours of true sleep right now, plus about two hours of fitful sleep on the airplane coming here this morning. We were in GA visiting my family from my mom’s side during the weekend. I flew in from JAX to ORD last night, arrived around 10pm, got home around 11:30 I think. Then, I was in a cab headed back to ORD at 5am this morning. I have customer meetings this week, and I’m training the dept. intern, who actually reports to me. 🙂 This is a first for me…my first direct report, albeit temporary. 🙂

My dear husband, OTOH, is in IL, and will be undertaking the adventure of pilling Maggie all by himself this week. He managed to give her a pill by himself for the first time last night. She’s really an easy cat to pill, but my DH does not have a ton of experience with pets. He’s fearful of her when she gets pissy and starts throwing a fuss, whereas I just put on my “I have opposable thumbs and you don’t” face and keep going, scratches be damned. (Maggie doesn’t bite, and even when she does bite down while I’m pilling her, her teeth just aren’t that sharp. They hurt, but she doesn’t bite hard enough to break skin.)

In other news, I’m becoming one of *them*…*them* being the folks who are in love with the long ago cancelled show Firefly. I saw the movie in the theatre, only because DH pushed to see it. I liked it. In boredom, I downloaded the episodes of the original series from iTunes, and I’m beginning to understand what all the talk was about. It was a really good show. Of course, it’s hard to say that I’d be as invested in it had I not seen the movie first…then again, I also feel like the little revelations might be more fun were I not already exposed to the ending. Maybe it balances out. 🙂