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LJ Interests meme results

  1. cats:
    I share my home with one cat, the ever-adorable Maggie. I like cats in general. And I should add…I don’t dislike dogs. I like dogs, too. Cats are just easier for me to care for in my lifestyle, particularly awesome ones like Maggie that pretty much care for themselves but are still wildly affectionate when I’m around. 🙂 I also use the maneki-neko (lucky cat) as my symbol in many places. I started using it before I knew its symbolism, but I like the symbolism, too.
  2. drew barrymore:
    She’s hot. From interviews, I’ve figured out that she’s a complete ditz (or at least fakes it very well). That’s decreased her attractiveness to me, but I still like almost any movie she graces with her presence.
  3. gimmick rallyes:
    It’s how I met Scott. 🙂 It’s also really fun, and I recommend them to everyone. Unfortunately, it’s gotten harder for me to get out to one. I haven’t done a single rallye this year.
  4. irish:
    I like Irish boys with Irish accents. 🙂 I’m also of Irish heritage.
  5. low carb:
    Well, Scott & I have been on a low carb diet for a long time now. Low carb recipes and products are thus of interest to me. I can’t say I’m as happy with it as I used to be, but a good bit of that is that my weight loss stabilized, so it’s frustrating.
  6. poker:
    You know, I almost ought to just remove this. The problem here is that Scott is so into this that I burned out on it. I still play recreationally, to kill time or what-have-you. I thought for awhile that I’d get back into it once I wasn’t so focused on wedding stuff, but now I’m not so focused on wedding stuff, and yet I’m still not really doing anything with poker.
  7. reality tv:
    I watch The Apprentice, Survivor, and The Amazing Race, as well as less-well-known reality TV like I Shouldn’t Be Alive, MythBusters, Project Runway, and miscellaneous other Discovery Channel stuff.
  8. slashdot:
    Really need to remove this…I never hang around there anymore.
  9. surreal life:
    This, too. I don’t watch it anymore.
  10. tom robbins:
    He was my favorite author for awhile, and he’s still the author I name if asked…but I haven’t read any of his books since college. I loved Still Like with Woodpecker and Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas.

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