Home! (for now)

I finally got home around 3:45am last night. The flight landed at 2:30am. We sat on the tarmac for 90 minutes because of a backup due to the weather. The pilot did warn us (before leaving the jetway) that we’d be sitting on the tarmac for at least 90 minutes, and he told us that anyone who wanted to get off then could do so. I thought that was nice. Most of the time they just don’t tell you until you’re out there.

I put on a sleepy mask and dozed off as much as I could. I will say that I remember us getting up into the air, and I remember shifting position a few times, but it sure felt like we landed awfully fast. Either I lost time while I was asleep (good thing) or the pilot put the figurative pedal to the figurative metal (good thing)…so, point being, *not* complaining!

Heading to Detroit for the family photo tonight. We’re flying there, because due to the construction on the south side of Chicago, driving home from Detroit takes much longer than it should. Then again, I can attest that flying isn’t always speedy, either. 🙂