Lots of people google-stalk. We’re no exception (“we” being Scott and I, for purposes of this post, although truly far more he than I). We’re both addicted to Penn Jillette’s daily talk radio show, thanks to it being available via podcast. It’s a really good discussion of politics and current events, with a Libertarian (but very open-minded) bint and some humor thrown in. They even have monkey tuesdays. 🙂 The whole thing is done from a studio built within Penn’s home, aka “The Slammer.”

Anyways, on May 22, Penn’s wife went into labor with their son, Zolten. This happened before the show, and per his description on the radio show, he wanted to go to the hospital with her, but his mother-in-law said not to do so, that it would be a long time before the birth actually happened, and he’d have plenty of time to do the show. So, he started a discussion on this Guardian article, noting to all on the air that his mind was really elsewhere. All was going as normal for awhile, but then he got a call from his wife telling him that it seemed like it might be soon, and he should head over there. It was funny, too…she said “It’s okay if you miss the head, but you should come now so you don’t miss the rest.” Hee.

So, while Penn’s Radio sidekick (Michael Goudeau, who is awesome in his own right) took over the broadcast, Penn ran to one of his stripper pink Mini’s and started driving. He called into the radio show to give an update, and ended up continuing to do most of the show via his cellphone from the car, including taking callers who alternated between congratulating him, giving him traffic reports, and talking about the topic of the day’s show.

While talking and driving, Penn gave street names as he drove the route, partly joking about getting any cop listeners to clear the traffic. My sweetie, who knows Las Vegas like a third home, used this to get a general area where the home must be. Now, keep in mind that the Slammer is infamous in a way. One reporter described it as the mansion a 12-year-old would build. It occupies a plot of land the size of a small subdivision. It was built to incorporate the small A-frame house that originally sat there. It has a 2 stage fence and a lookout tower. It also has an 80 ft. lap pool and a small multi-colored astroturf yard (for playing volleyball). There’s a ton of other features, too, but I mention those in particular because they are physical characteristics viewable from a satellite.

Enter Google Earth. 🙂

Using those characteristics, we eliminated most of the area we were looking at. We combined our search with standard googling, which led to quite a few red herrings about the location, including that Teller lives “less than a mile away, in a house built into the side of a mountain.” (Impossible…there’s no mountain that close. It’s flat as a pancake for at least 2-3 miles around.) After I went to bed though, Scott managed to stumble onto the webpage of the architectural firm that designed the place. They had several photographs posted, including one with a street number showing (although not the street name). That was the final piece of the puzzle…that and the Silo portion, which is another noticeable-from-satellite feature.

Long story short: we google-stalked The Slammer, and we found it. 🙂 It’ll be on our tour route for our next trip to Vegas, for sure. 🙂 I’m intentionally not giving out the street names or the house number on the web, because I hate the idea of punishing Penn with a jillion drive-bys of internet-enabled fans for letting a few things slip that day. I think privacy wasn’t exactly on his mind right then. Who knows if maybe he honestly doesn’t care? I’d certainly guess that most in Vegas probably know the location already. It’s his choice to give that data out though, not mine. Point being, it can be done to ferret it out from stuff available on the ‘net if you so choose. Or, if you’re in the privileged inner circle that knows where *our* house is, you can come visit and we’ll show you. 🙂 I’m mainly just posting to brag about the google-stalking powers of my sweetie. 🙂