Scary Things in the Basement

We were watching TV in the basement last night. Scott was doing miscellaneous stuff on his computer. We had just started Lost. (Oh, and on that topic: Wow. That’s all I’ll say to avoid spoilers. But, wow.) Scott yelped and I jumped to try to find out what happened. He said he felt something like a really bad splinter in the bottom of his foot. I was looking at his foot from a distance and under bad lighting and it looked fine, but Scott was clearly hurting. My first instinct/fear was a spider bite, and I was already thinking about how to catch it so we could figure out what kind it was. My mind is screwy. Anyways, I went to turn on the main lights, and as I did, Scott…well, basically, he went, “Aaaaaaahhh!” loudly. Something like a manly shriek. He pointed at the floor.

There was a bee! It was twitching, too, and crawling about. I grabbed a sneaker, yelled “I’ll kill it!” and smacked it soundly several times. I’m normally against killing insects that wander into the house, but this one had hurt my sweetie!

We have *no* idea how a bee got into our basement, much less why it was crawling around on the floor under the computer such that it would be able to sting the bottom of Scott’s foot. We got Scott settled into the easy chair and ascertained that, if the stinger was still in, we couldn’t find it to tweeze it out. I got an ice compress and rubber-banded it to Scott’s foot. We also elevated his foot using pillows. Yay for the internet, from whence we found out what to do for a bee sting! (We also read about signs of allergic reactions, as neither of us had been stung before and thus neither of us know if we’re allergic.)

So, Scott was all settled into the chair to finish Lost, but he still seemed uneasy. He asked with a pleading tone, “Could you, um, move the remains of the bee?” I then scraped it off my shoe and into a paper towel. Unable to see the proceedings, Scott asked “Are you sure it’s dead? Are you putting it in something?” We then decided that to be absolutely safe, I would wrap the bee carcass in the paper towel, put it into an old peanuts jar, close the lid, and deposit the jar in the trash. That way, even if he became a re-animated vampire or zombie bee, we would be safe.