Saturday Happenings

We saw the Bucks/Pistons playoff game last night. My Pistons lost!!! The Bucks were having an amazing game. It kinda sucks, too, because I hate being hated at these sports games. I’m always rooting for the away team. The sports mentality, too, is that you can’t root for one team without being expressly against the other team. I mean, really, it’s not like I was against the Bucks having a good night. I was really proud of them in a way. Still, I wanted the Pistons to win. It was not fun to break in our super-cool jerseys with a losing game. 🙂

In the morning, I played Bridge with our neighbor/friend Andy, in a 0-300 (non-lifemaster) point event. We had fun, and it was amusing to play with novices. I don’t want to sound arrogant. It’s not that I was any better long long ago. I was laughing with them more than at them later. But I had three funny stories (none of which would make sense to non bridge players, so I won’t recount them here) when I got home. I rarely have funny bridge stories when I’m playing with Scott in some 0-1000 point event. It’s usually more like comedy in tragedy in the 0-1000 point events. I also just don’t play as well with Andy as with Scott. It is very true that having a regular partner makes you better. Reason being, you can have confidence in the bids you’re making and hearing. Otherwise, even if you have an agreed system, there’s too much room for interpretation in some bids.

After playing Bridge with Andy, I came home and played more Bridge with other-friends Jim & Stacey. They also went to the game with us. To finish off the evening, we went to The Safe House for dinner. It was a fun way (for me) to wax nostalgic about one of our (meaning Scott & I) first dates. Generally, if we have a chance to take people up there, we try to do so, because it’s really neat. 🙂