Work today was pretty much as expected…getting back into the routine. Scott and I had blown off our low-carbing for the weekend, and that came in handy when we had to go to Detroit. It saves his parents a lot of trouble to not have to worry about our diet needs when getting food. So, on Friday last week, we had buttercrust deep dish pizza from Lou’s. On Saturday, we each cheated separately in smaller ways. On Sunday, we had 2 different kinds of desserts and pizza that Scott’s parents had ordered. On Monday, we had french toast for breakfast. We had coney dogs for lunch, but we skipped the bun still. Scott had a milkshake; I had cookies from the mall. On Tuesday, we had bagels; it was a dairy plate. So, no meats, but lots of bagels and toppings. We also had these really good cinnamon mini-cakes (almost like a mini muffin) with caramel centers. And then, on the way home, we had ribs and wings at the casino. But, today started the low-carb again. We were both very good all day, and we spent a little over an hour tonight exercising. I played DDR for an hour while Scott ran on the treadmill. Then I ran & walked on the treadmill.

I’m halfway through putting together our new coffee table from Ikea. I’ll finish it up tomorrow, along with the kitchen cabinet modifications I got from Container Store on Saturday.

By the way, despite the fact that Scott, aka tooncestdc, has disturbed his LJ spider with a post, the world is not ending. 🙂