Scott’s grandfather passed away on Saturday evening, so we spent most of yesterday driving to Michigan. The funeral is tomorrow.

Scott’s grandfather was a very cool guy. He published a family newsletter with all of the happenings. I’m told it had a 120 address circulation (so probably like 200 readers). He started the newsletter on a typewriter, but in the past 5-6 years, he converted to a computer. Last night, we told stories about him to the rabbi that will be doing the service on Tuesday. The rabbi was thrilled that he had written all these newsletters. There was one issue where he had practically written his own eulogy, talking about his life, growing up, and meeting and marrying Scott’s grandma. He loved getting to see family, and he was really sweet to me always. Most of all, Scott’s grandpa really loved his grandma. You could tell whenever you were with them that they were so happy together. She hasn’t been able to really talk about him. She said it just started hitting her today that he was gone. I know what that’s like. You cry and you mourn, but it’s when you return to your routine existence that you really realize that the person isn’t there anymore. Not to be too selfish, but every time I’m dealing with something like this, I think about Ryan and how his death affected me…and that helps me to understand or sympathize.

I’m doing a little work while I’m here in Michigan (I’m on a meeting right now), but mostly I’m trying to help out and let Scott’s family be together and support each other. But, one thing about his family…from day one practically, I was family, too. So, they don’t really let me help out too much, because in their eyes, I’m just as much a part of everything as they are, so there’s no reason for me to do any more than they’re doing.