Wedding Stories

I haven’t posted much recently. I think the weddingplans community ends up sucking away much of my time. I’ve spent a ton of time in the past weeks posting comments and posts over there as well as on vegasbrides (which I own/moderate). I dropped off of the weddingplans comm yesterday though, so hopefully I’ll get more prolific on my blog. First, I want to get the wedding stuff out of my system a bit. Our wedding was fucking awesome. It was the best wedding ever (although I think one’s own wedding is always the favorite, because when it’s your own, you know everyone there). We had so much fun. But, as with all weddings, there were some “behind the scenes” things that were crazy, so I figure I’ll share those “stupid bride” stories below as well as some news.

* The professional pictures arrived yesterday. They are really gorgeous. There are many, many good ones in the batch, and I need to find a program that will re-size them en-masse for me, because as is, they’re too big to post on the web (even worse than the ones that I’ve already posted). Not complaining…they’re big so that I can make poster-size prints if I want them. But, now that I have all of the pictures, if any of the readers want me to burn a photo CD (or several, more likely) for them with *all* of the wedding photos, I’ll happily do so. I already have 3 people on the list for that effort, so if you want to be added to the list, post a comment below. I will also say that the thank you cards will all include a wallet size photo of Scott & I in full wedding garb, and anyone who came to Vegas or sent us a present will eventually get a thank you card. And lastly, I’m going to sort through and find the good pictures of the attendees and make sure that anyone who attended gets at least one picture proving they were there (those will have to be sent separate from the thank you cards though, because the thank you card envelopes aren’t big enough to hold a full size photo…dumb move on my part).

* Speaking of thank you cards, I have about 10 in my backpack here at work that have been ready to be sent for almost 2 weeks now, except that I put a 37 cent stamp on them (accidentally, not consciously realizing it was an old 37 cent stamp) and have not been able to find 2 cent stamps to round it out. I’m almost at the point of being willing to just put 39 cent stamps on top of the 37 cent stamps, as I feel really bad that these people haven’t gotten a thank you yet. But, it’s the weekend soon, and I should be able to go to the post office during their operating hours on Saturday and hopefully get some from there. The post office machine no longer distributes them after hours, apparently, and both Walgreen’s and Dominick’s didn’t have them.

* The night before the wedding, I lost my purse. Earlier in the day, I had pulled out my ID, room keys, my camera and a credit card. I’d been carrying just those things for most of the day. The last time I solidly remembered having my purse was at the Men’s Wearhouse where we picked up tuxes, but I vaguely remembered having it just before the rehearsal dinner, because I remembered pulling my camera out of it at that time. I realized I couldn’t find it while my Dad and I were hanging out in the room, doing little chores and organization before The Big Day. So, I TXT’d my Mom, because I was in her truck for the first part of the Men’s Wearhouse trip but rode back in our car, so I figured it was possible that it was in her car. I also double and triple checked our car. Men’s Wearhouse was closed, so I couldn’t call them. When Scott got back from Barry Manilow (he had gone to see Barry with his parents and his cousin), I asked him if he had seen it, but no luck there. We sat and played Pick ‘Em until I heard back from my Mom…it wasn’t in her truck. So, we went upstairs, and I’m freaking out, but just in a minor panic because I do have all of my critical stuff with me. But the fact that I do have all my critical stuff with me is part of what has me convinced that it’s in the room somewhere…I wouldn’t have pulled all of that stuff out if it was in a car. And yet…we can’t find it in the room. So, having eliminated all other possibilities, we called security. We figured, as huge as our room is, it’s completely possible that while the maid was doing turndown, someone walking by saw my purse and grabbed it. (We had a 2 room mega-suite, with a walk-in closet and dressing room as well as a large bathroom, plus another room with 2 large lounge areas, a bar/kitchen, and another bathroom.) My purse, while stripped of necessary essentials, did have a large amount of cash in it, so it would have been inviting to thievery. Anyways, the security guy was really nice and helpful. He said he needed to search the room, and while he was searching the guest bathroom, Scott went to use the main bathroom. While he was in there, I had a sudden vision of my purse being on a glass shelf in the bathroom. So I ran over to the bathroom, and about that time, Scott yells out “I found it!” Sure enough, it was on a glass shelf in the bathroom, tucked halfway inside Scott’s toiletry bag, such that it wasn’t immediately visible. We sent the security guard away (who was very understanding…said it happens all the time, especially with the big rooms), and we finally went to sleep, around 2:30am.

* We mis-counted our limo passengers. We forgot to count ourselves. We added in the photographer and the girlfriends/wives of our attendants….and we skipped ourselves. So, we had 16 people riding in two 7-person limos. The drivers got tipped well enough, although not extremely well because they were bitchy about it instead of just suggesting that we have some people ride separately, or offering to help us get a cab to follow us or whatever. And, my dear bridesmaid and friend, Lori, rode on the floor in our limo. Over in Scott’s limo, he sat in laps or on the floor for most of the ride.

* I was stupid and did up my wedding-day longline bra about 2 settings tighter than I’d had at the fitting. I did this because I’d determined (having worn it the night before) that it was more comfortable that way…plus I was paranoid that with the buffets of Vegas, I’d gained weight. But, as a result, my dress fell down for most of the day, and it looks badly fitted in the pictures in lots of places. And, it’s all my stupid fault. I never even thought of that as the possible cause for my dress woes until the end of the night, either. I was just like “Wow, I guess it’s looser than I remember it.” Dumb, dumb, dumb.

* You’ve already sorta-heard about the reception drink fiasco. Apparently, it boils down to that there was one server that didn’t know that we had arranged for a bar tab for the separate drink menu. She got corrected by the supervisor later in the evening, but at that point, she’d already charged for 3 drinks as well as telling several people that they would be charged if they ordered from that menu. The reception site refunded us for the three drinks and apologized profusely. They were really cool about it, actually. It was a big mistake, and the right way to correct it would have been for the server to immediately refund the guests their money (and charge our tab instead) and tell her tables that she made a mistake so that the people who chose not to drink based on the cost could have done so. But it sucks, because I saw two clues that this was the case on that night, and I just didn’t catch what was going on.

* I organized and put *everything* into packets for the guests. I included directions to the Hilton and a map of the monorail route. I e-mailed people everything in advance. Guess what I forgot? Directions to the wedding location. Getting to the Flamingo was covered in the monorail map, and I’d noted to everyone to allow 15 minutes for the monorail ride, having timed it on previous trips. But what I forgot is directions telling people how to get to the *correct* gazebo once they were in the Flamingo’s gardens. There are two gazebos. I had planned out a map. I’d even taken photographs of the Flamingo’s site map so I could reproduce it. And then I totally forgot to put any of that info into anything given to our guests. Fortunately, everyone managed to find it, I think. πŸ™‚

And that’s the end of my stupid bride stories. πŸ™‚ For those that are curious, I’ve decided I’m going to donate my dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer. They host giant dress sales in urban areas, with the proceeds going to breast cancer research. My dress is so unique in alteration that there’s no way I’ll be able to re-sell it…but a short round bride…or even a 14 or 15 year old approaching quince or sweet 16 (respectively)…might be able to use it. It’s a beautiful dress. My only debate is whether to wear it one last time, for halloween this year as the Queen of Hearts. πŸ™‚