Giving up the ghost

I have a Palm Tungsten T3. I used to adore it and use it constantly. Times have changed, though, and I find myself sync-ing it out of habit rather than need. It’s extremely rare that I don’t have a laptop nearby that has all the information I need at a given moment. I used to need it more because I’d go to work meetings without a laptop (it used to be more of a pain to have a laptop in a meeting than it is now), and I needed the PDA to remind me of my next appointment or to jot down quick notes. Now, I take my laptop with me to meetings, because my office has more connectivity for that solution (wireless, lots of plugs in conf. rooms, etc.). My PDA ends up sitting at my desk most of the time. I sync it at the beginning and end of the day, and then I throw it into a bag and typically don’t see it again until the next workday. I used to use my PDA to look up phone numbers; now, they’re all sync-ed to my cellphone. I used to use the PDA to track movies I wanted to see; now, I use Netflix. (Honestly, if Netflix or would sync with my PDA to update my movie list or wish list, that would kick ass, but that hasn’t happened.)

Still, I can’t bring myself to give it up. I keep saying to myself, well, you *should* keep things on there. You *should* use it to sync home and office address books. You *should* keep notes on there. You *should* reference it more often, and keep it charged, and keep it in your purse so that it’s handy. Is this just me or is this the world? I sure don’t see people using PDAs the way I used to. Has the lower-priced and smaller laptop replaced the PDA? Have times really changed? Or did I just migrate into a PDA-lacking circle?