In Vegas!

We got in yesterday afternoon. It’s been crazy hectic so far. With so many family and friends coming in, it seems like every five minutes, someone is calling to say that they just got in and can we come meet them and say hello.

We had a wonderful flight. The flight attendant gave us a “care package”: 10 mini-bottles of vodka and 2 1L bottles of white wine. 🙂

There was a near miss on our flight. Our flight had been scheduled to leave at 11:15am, but apparently, at some point in the past few months (we booked 9 months ago), that flight got cancelled and we were moved to a 9:20am flight. We never would have known except that we tried to check in the night before…at 1am just as we were finishing packing. And suddenly, instead of waking up at 7:30am, we were waking up at 5:30am. Ouch.

FYI, we were sent an e-mail notice…but FH neglected to tell me and subsequently forgot about it, so all my records, which is what we were referencing because I’m the Type A organization freak who keeps up with these things, had the original flight info. Still, there was no phone call, no e-mail to my address…basically, it would have been easy for us to have never gotten any notice at all. So, double-check your flights before you leave, especially if you booked far in advance! It can’t hurt, and it can easily avert a major disaster.

It was incredibly easy to get our license. We stood in line for about 10 minutes, handed them our pre-filled in paperwork (we downloaded the Adobe Acrobat fill-in form from the website, filled it in, and printed it out before we left Gurnee/Chicago), our driver’s licenses, and the $59 fee, and we were good to go. The only odd part is that it’s not in the best neighborhood (most city buildings aren’t), but it’s really pretty on the inside.

Oh, and there’s chapel porn distributors. That’s what we called them because they reminded us of the guys that stand on the corners in Vegas and hand out the photo cards of in-room strippers and prostitutes. They come up to you as you’re going in and leaving and ask if you are going in to get your license; they’re asking because they will take you to a chapel nearby if you aren’t already going to one (and thus get a commission from the chapel). We just kept saying “We’re all set. Thanks anyways.” but it was a little odd to be getting propositioned for that. 🙂

Here’s a picture of us after getting our license!