Wedding Dress

And since I saw my last blog entry and that reminded me to call the airlines re: transporting my wedding dress, I did that just now. American Airlines said it would be no issue at all, they have people bringing dresses on the plane all the time. She said she’d make a note on my reservation, but to just give the dress to the flight attendant when I get on the plane and she would hang it up in the coat area. It will count as a carry-on, but my second carry-on could be a normal rollaway if needed. (That is, my dress counts as a carry-on but not necessarily as the “1 bag” in the “1 bag and 1 small personal item such as a purse or briefcase.”) She said the main thing is to keep it in a garment bag and on a hanger to avoid it getting messed up while in the airport. One more thing done… 🙂