Wedding Update

I haven’t really talked about wedding stuff on here much lately, so here goes. 🙂

We had a minor setback recently. We had planned to do a combination rehearsal dinner and meet ‘n’ greet brunch at like 11am on Saturday at the LV Hilton buffet. Turns out, they would not let us have their back room, even if we promised 50-60 guests worth of business. It costs a buffet too much to shut down tables, apparently. So, plan B: we turn that brunch into a really informal and casual “hey come have brunch with us” kind of thing, where we won’t all be sitting together, but we can at least spot each other and try to sit as close as possible…and that will allow for folks to meet up on Saturday morning. And, we usurp Scott’s parents’ dinner on Saturday night (with their permission) to be the official rehearsal dinner, wherein presents will be given and toasts made and that sort of thing, for the wedding party people.

We also realized while we were in Lake Tahoe that we had all these rehearsal dinner and bachelor/bachelorette party plans…and unless people have been talking to us or keeping up with the website, they may well have no idea that anything besides the wedding is going on. So, we quickly put out a mailing with some info to the people who aren’t staying at the hotel. (The people staying at our hotel are generally the people we’re talking to on a regular basis.) Yay again for AmazingMail!

Still not sure how I’m transporting my gown to Las Vegas. I plan to call the airline tomorrow while I’m at work. I couldn’t find the VIP number while I was here, and I want to pull airline status during this phone call because they might be more accommodating that way. Worst case, I put it into a garment bag, folded in half, and plan on getting it steamed or pressed or whatever you do to gowns once I get into Las Vegas if it needs it. I have read about brides doing that and it coming out just fine afterward. My dress’s fabric is pretty stiff. I do suspect that it will hold up pretty well after travel.