I have now tried snowboarding and snowmobiling. Snowboarding…well, I’m very good at going down the hill very fast. I am not good at doing the S-curves that you’re supposed to do to keep from achieving light speed. I’m also good at stopping by falling. I had no problem turning and stuff, but I always felt this need to be pointed parallel with the slope instead of perpendicular to it, and that messed with me. Snowmobiling was awesome. We went zoom. Scott & I each got our own snowmobile. We did a very basic guided tour, and it was LOTS of fun. Tomorrow, I’m going to do a poker tournament while Scott skis. Right now, I’m still residually drunk from free margarita hour at CaboWabo, courtesy the casino. 🙂 I am such a snowbunny now. I went snowboarding yesterday and then had a hot apple cider spiked with rum. It was very tasty after four hours up on the mountain. Riding the gondola is nifty, too…you get a great view of the lake. It’s kind of intimidating because it’s all flat for awhile and then it’s like straight up for a few thousand feet. 🙂

Did you know that snowmobiles have handle-warmers? They do. 🙂 And you can get a plow attachment for them, so maybe I could justify buying one because I could use it as a snowplow. 🙂