Maggie Update

No news is good news, right? 🙂

Maggie has been eating and eliminating pretty normally. I’ve been giving her the medicines. The first one apparently tastes really bad to her. She forces herself to spit some of it up every time I give it to her. It’s supposed to help push things through her system. The second medicine is more palatable to her. She never spits it up, and she tolerates being given it much more than the first one. The second medicine is like kitty pepto bismol…it’s even pink. 🙂 It’s supposed to coat her stomach and help it heal from any ulcers or irritations from the vomiting spree.

I actually forgot to medicate her yesterday, and she ate more than she has been eating. The medicine is supposed to make her more hungry, not less. Still, I’m wondering if something in that first medicine tastes so bad that it makes her not want to eat…and because I usually am doing this all in the evening (’cause that’s when I have time), it is not timing out correctly.

Anyways, per the vet, this is good news. It means we likely fixed the immediate problem. I’ll need to get her x-rayed again, probably just after the wedding, to find out if any of those masses have gotten larger…that will at least tell us whether they’re just minor things or if time is limited, etc.