Maggie Update #2

Maggie’s ultrasound came back ultimately inconclusive. They found three items of concern, any of which could be the root cause:

* Inflamed duodendum (part of the intestine close to the stomach) – might indicate that there is a partial blockage there that is irritating it
* Nodule on liver near diaphragm – might be causing pressure on the diaphragm, causing her to gag and vomit
* Nodule in left lung – may be expelling hormones affecting metabolism and causing issues

No visible obstructions though…and the doctor said the nodules don’t have the right shape for cancer, although that doesn’t mean they aren’t. The plan of attack is to keep Maggie on some digestive aid drugs this week: one drug will help with the irritation (it’s kind of a pepto bismol for kitties), one will help her digest more easily (and hopefully get rid of any blockages). If she reacts badly to the drugs (e.g., throws up more), we need to do surgery, because that means she has a blockage that we just can’t see. If she is fine while on the drugs but goes back to issues when they run out (in a week), then it’s probably not an obstruction and rather is likely to be the nodule near the diaphragm. If she seems to have recovered, the immediate concern is fixed, but I’ll still bring her back in after 5-6 weeks for another X-ray. If the nodules seem to be getting bigger, it’s cancer. If there are more of them, it may be cancer or a metabolic deficiency of some kind. If they’re just the same, they’ve probably been there for more of her life and just were never noticed before.

Net result: lots of ifs…but a reasonably happy Maggie and a reasonably re-assured JC.