Good news?

Maggie went twosie during the night! So, she was able to digest at least some of the food she’s eaten. I worried all night about her. She didn’t come up to sleep with us, and she normally (but not always) does. Turns out, I think she conked out in the basement while we were watching ice dancing down there and decided to just sleep most of the night down there. I found her in the computer chair when I woke up at 6:45am terrified that I’d lost her, to the point that I couldn’t get back to sleep without finding her.

So, you’d think I’d be really happy. I kinda am. I’m glad she’s getting nutrition. But clearly, there’s still something wrong. And this makes it even more likely that it’s that shadow thing (be it cancer or whatever) that is the issue…not an intestinal blockage. So really, I’m only a little happy and mostly just scared again. I had just about convinced myself last night to tell the vet to skip the ultrasound and concentrate on the eating issue, because I didn’t feel like the ultrasound would change me wanting to get her back to eating normally, no matter if she had cancer or not. But, now…I need the ultrasound, I think. That may well be the root cause, unfortunately. And that’s not fixable like a blockage would be. So scared.