Bad iPod, no cookie.

Alright, that’s it.

I charged my iPod all night. It showed full battery this morning when I left the house. I charged it via the VPC adapter while I drove to work and listened to Armchair Survivor. Still showing full battery when I got out of the car. I put it in sleep mode to go into the office. About an hour ago, I turned it on again and started listening. I finished Armchair Survivor, finished a Penn Gillette, started listening to songs. Because I had just switched it over to songs, I know that the battery icon was showing at least 3/4 full. It got 5 seconds into the first song on my playlist (Hella Good, Gwen Stefani) and died. When I reset it, it claimed low battery.


Even if the battery is low, that means I’m getting less than 90 minutes of play on a full charge, including play while on a charger! I honestly don’t think it’s the battery though…I think there’s some kind of bug in the drive somewhere…and it’s causing it to go into some reset mode and insist on being docked before it’s played again. Although…then, it should be doing the frowny ipod face, not a battery low. Grr.