Rough Day

It’s going to be a rough day. I’m taking tomorrow off, which always makes today hectic. We had two different house things go a-wire last night, so I need to go by the store after picking up my mom at the airport…which I feel really bad about, because the last thing most folks want to do after getting off a plane, getting through ORD, and driving an hour or more to get to Gurnee is to go shopping. My garage door opener/closer stopped working this morning, for no apparent reason but could easily just be dead battery or something. I kept forgetting things, which necessitated running in and out of the house several times. We were out of breakfast bars, but thankfully, we had shakes, so I had a shake for breakfast. I forgot about an early meeting this morning, but made up a reasonable (and actually kind of accurate) excuse, so that’s all cool now.

In fact, it’s all okay. And I can’t wait to see my mom tonight. I’ve been missing her terribly lately, so I’m really looking forward to our Girls’ Weekend. And I found out that has a wedding planning area that will predict your wedding weather and change the prediction once they have data. Check out this image for a snapshot of the current expected weather for our wedding. 🙂