My iPod is behaving well enough for podcasts these days, which what I’m using it for mostly at this point. I listen to the Penn Gillette radio show, and I listen to miscellaneous newsy podcasts. I also listen to The Ricky Gervais Show, which is bloody hilarious, when episodes are out for it. I’ve been thinking of getting a not!iPod though…both because I suspect the flakiness I’m seeing is going to eventually get worse and because I want a bigger storage space. (I have a 4GB ipod mini.) While I could look at the bigger iPods, there are features that I wish iPod had, and rather than wishing the features were there, I’m thinking it makes a heckuva lot more sense to look for another device that has those features. Specifically, I’d like to see:

* an outside key to set mode (shuffle, single play, etc.). CD players have this…not sure why it didn’t make it onto ipod. Very annoying that I have to navigate back to the main menu and into settings to toggle this item.
* Sleep timer: provide a way to tell it to play for 30 mins and then cut off.
* Decent PDA functions: doesn’t have to be perfect, but if my Not!iPod could also handle my outlook calendar, contact list, and maybe a few games, that would be a nice plus.

Of course, if I’m ignorant and iPods (maybe bigger newer ones than mine) have these features, feel free to chime in and say I’m silly. 🙂 OTOH, if you have a device to recommend, do that. 🙂