I’m a little sickly. It came on me on Saturday afternoon and by Saturday late, I was feeling pretty shoddy. I spent all day Sunday laying around, occasionally napping. Unfortunately, I had a 7:30am meeting this morning with a new VP. I normally get in around 9am, so waking up at 6:45am is pretty unusual. (Of course, it could be considered good prep since I have to wake up at 4:30am tomorrow for a NJ trip. )

Still, nothing bugs me more than when people schedule a meeting with a conference room, and I show up to said conference room only to find that I’m the only one there. I would have dialed into the meeting from home (allowing me another precious half hour of sleep), but being that this our new VP and being that it’s the first of his weekly meetings, I was attempting to get in some face time. Granted, it’d be sneezy face time. 🙂 So, maybe that’s for the best, too.