More sickly

So I’m a little more sickly today. I took NyQuil last night and crashed relatively early. I couldn’t even lift my head to watch The Word on the Colbert Report. I’m at work in person today, although I really could have (and probably should have) begged off as sick. Part of the reason I wanted to come is because one of my friends from my former job is working here now, a few cubeblocks down from me in fact. Between vacation and jury duty, I haven’t gotten to say hi to him or show him around, and I really wanted to do that. We just got back from a walk to the caf and a brief tour of stuff along the way. Yeah, it’s probably not the best thing to hang out with him while sickly, but it’s still really nice to have an old friend here. His new manager is out this week (along with most of my group), so he’s in limbo to some extent, and I didn’t want to bail on him again. Of course, I also have a few deliverables that must go out today and tomorrow, so that was a motivation as well.

We mailed a third round of wedding invitations this morning…a few people whose addresses we didn’t have mainly. We also sent out an informational packet (via e-mail) to the folks who are standing up, since we finally got around to setting up the tux rentals.

I also played alot of GTA3 yesterday. I think I’m pretty close to being able to beat it. We’re at the final mission, but the final mission involves alot of shooting. I’m a kick-ass driver in that game, but shooting has always been tough for me. I think a third person perspective doesn’t lend itself well to shooting anyways, and I have a ton of trouble aiming the scoped weapons with the analog joystick. It seems very tough to do a precise movement. I’m kinda wanting to beat it before we get our copy of San Andreas (we bought the hot coffee version off of ebay recently). I’m also wanting to beat it before I start in earnest on Kingdom Hearts (recently purchased).